Shower Thoughts: Bravery

I recently saw the movie Eighth Grade and while I have a lot of thoughts on it, I want to talk about one quote that really struck me: "You can't be brave without being scared." True story, I was so taken by this line that I pulled out my pack of Orbit as it was the only paper-ish thing I had so I could write it down. 

Possibly my new favorite quote.

Possibly my new favorite quote.

So often we forget that what we see from everyone else is the highlight reel and the result of countless hours (usually years) of hard work. It's easy to think that those around us just got lucky, and maybe some of them did, but that doesn't mean that they aren't without their challenges. Not everyone starts from the same place and yes, some obstacles are easier to overcome than others, but no one is handed everything that they want- I'm talking all aspects of life: finances, work, friendships, romantic relationships, etc.

When we celebrate success or bravery, we're seeing the end result. We forget what it took to get there. Bravery is acting in spite of circumstances that would cause most to give up or not even try. Similarly, success is the product of consistent determination and an unwavering belief that what you are doing has worth. It's not easy to take such huge risks. Putting yourself out there, even admitting what you want to yourself is scary and something that I think we usually shy away from. It seems easier not to bare our deepest passions and potentially fail and yet, the regret and what if ultimately make not going for it harder. 

Though this time of year is no longer "back to school" for me (despite what many at a wedding I was at last night thought #babyface), September always feels like a time to reset and start a new chapter. There are a few risks I want to take and I am making a promise, here and now, to myself to go for one of them. I'm not sure which yet, and I can't do all at the same time, but it's time to stop putting off until "later." It's time to be scared.