August & September Favorites

It’s been a while. The end of summer and September were like a set of waves except the break never came and the set went on and on for a month. At first I felt guilty for not writing, but then I decided to just enjoy everything that was going on and use my down time for me because at the end of the day, you have to take care of you. Since today is the start of October (is it just me or was July 4th yesterday?!), I thought I’d do a combined August/September favorites to kick off my return.




London & Ottolenghi

My summer trip ended with a few days in London, ok really more like 36 hours. London was the first European city I ever went to way back when, and I fell in love. After college, I lived in London for a bit and unfortunately had a very difficult living situation which ruined my time there and tainted how I felt about the city. When I moved back to the US, I wasn’t sure if I would ever go back to London. Fast forward to this past year when I started wanting to go to London. I was nervous as to how I’d react being there, but ready to find out. The end of our trip in London was magic and made me remember why I first came to love London. From the perfect weather, to fabulous meals, walking around Hyde Park (sorry Central Park), to the hotel which always makes us feel like we’re home (even after not having been in 8 years – my mom had been more recently). One of the best parts for me, ok it may actually have been THE best part, was going to Ottolenghi in my old neighborhood. OL is a prepared food store/café by Yotam Ottolenghi. There are a few around the city and the food is to die for. I’m not sure I or my stomach have smiled as big as I did when downing their famous broccoli and apricot fruit slice. Anyone going to London, you can bring me a fruit slice any time and I’ll be your bff forever.

My old neighborhood.

My old neighborhood.


Movies: BlacKkKlansman & Eighth Grade

I’m not sure if BlacKkKansman is still in theaters, but if so, go! Based on a true story of a black cop befriending and infiltrating the KKK with the help of a white co-worker, the story is riveting and mind-blowing. The cast is fabulous. I have always been ambivalent about Adam Driver but after this movie, wow. I don’t think anyone but Spike Lee could have made this film, particularly given the ending which I don’t want to say any more about for fear of spoilers. This is an important film; see it.


Eighth Grade had me feeling so many feels. As an older Millennial, my childhood and adolescence were blessedly free of anything more high tech than Instant Messenger and Tamagatchis, thus there was much of this film that I couldn’t relate to. Still, I think no matter when you went through your awkward middle school years, you will be in awe of Bo Burnham’s ability to so perfectly capture the feelings of those years. Being self-conscious, curious, scared, not sure how to act, and feeling like no one really understands you, we’ve all been there, and honestly I don’t think we ever fully grow out of any of it so much as we realize that that’s life and we’re all in this and we stop caring so much about what others think.  


CBD Drops

Yes, I did dedicate a whole post to my Plant People CBD drops, but they are such a wonderdrug* (but not actually a drug) that I have to put them in my favorites. Technically I began using them in July but it wasn’t until August when I’d been using them for a bit, that I was able to really feel the payoffs. You can read my post on them for the full rundown.




Color Factory

One of the latest chapters in the pop-up/experiential happenings to hit NYC is Color Factory. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except obviously color, and ended up having a blast. Dare I say I liked it more than this year’s 29Rooms. A series of interactive spaces mixed with sweet treats and colors that are all in some way a nod to NYC, Color Factory was excellently executed and made for a really fun afternoon with one of my closest friends. [FYI- Color Factory is open until October 14th and tickets are still available!


My Cousin’s Wedding

My cousin got married! One of my cousin’s and I are a little less than a year apart and have been incredibly close since I entered the world. On September 22nd, he got married and the whole wedding weekend was wonderful. The wedding was part Indian, part Jewish, and getting to learn about and participate in my now cousin-in-law’s (is that a thing?) culture was really special. We were so welcomed by her family who gifted all the women family members with saris and invited us all to get the ceremonial henna. But the best part of the weekend for me, aside from seeing my cousin glow with happiness, was being with all of my cousins. We are a close family and it wasn’t unusual for us to see each other multiple times in a given week (outside of school, since we went to school together). Now that we’re older and we don’t all live in the same place, though most of us are in NYC, Thanksgiving can be the only time when we’re all together, and sometimes even then one person is missing.


Hearts Beat Loud

I missed seeing Hearts Beat Loud in theaters, but it was recently added to OnDemand. I wanted it to be a little bit stronger and think if I had seen it in theaters I would have been less keen, but it’s hard to say. I really enjoyed seeing a different side to Nick Offerman and the music is great! I think you would enjoy the main song even without seeing the movie. I hope that Kiersey Clemons (P.S. I love her name!) continues making music because her voice is amazing. She’s also a great actress so maybe we have the next J.Lo on our hands?


What were YOUR August and September favorites?