Nice to meet you!

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Welcome! Who am I? I am a fourth-generation New Yorker, lover of brownies, and sweat enthusiast. After graduating from Brown University with honors in Literary Arts, I earned my JD from NYU School of Law, and hold a Certificate in Online & Social Media Marketing from Pratt Institute. A few years ago I reconnected with a college friend to co-run a popular Instagram account and in the process discovered that through social media I could combine my analytical and creative sides. From there I spent two years working with clients as a copywriter and brand partnership/influencer marketing consultant and have now found my way to the world of business development. I love puns, pop culture, and have zero regrets about any song in my iTunes Library. You can see my portfolio here.


Why "Glitter for Breakfast?" I thought you'd never ask. Sparkles make me happy; glitter is pretty much my power color. Thus Glitter for Breakfast is about starting each day with confidence, a positive attitude, and a smile, even on a rainy Monday.