Five Favs: October

...And just like that it became November. I can't say I'm terribly sorry to see October go. It was a good month but I am ready to move on to my birthday, the holidays, and frankly get this election over with, though by no means will everything suddenly be perfect come the morning of November 9th. What was awesome in October? Read on and see!

Holiday Inn 

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In the past year, I’ve started going to much more theater and Roundabout Theater Company has quickly become a favorite of mine. Their sets blow me away each time and whoever gets the final vote in show selection is brilliant. Holiday Inn is a fun musical that skirts campiness and instead makes you laugh and wish there was a Holiday Inn that you could stay at (or maybe that’s only me). If you don’t know the story, the gist is that a man leaves his life in show business and opens an Inn that is only open at the holidays, hence the title. Holiday Inn closes January 15th.     

Becoming Friends IRL

[Note: In case you don't know, IRL = "In Real Life."] When I first started working in social media, reaching out to people via Instagram direct message or sending an email to the contact email listed in someone’s profile felt super awkward. Fast forward and I have now made friends with people because of doing just that! Earlier this month, I had the chance to connect with someone I’d been following for a while. Her photos were always of places in my neighborhood and from her captions, I could tell that she and I shared a love for puns and pop culture references. We’ve since gotten together and she ended up connecting me to a really fabulous company and from their events I have met many more awesome people. To think it all started with a simple invitation to coffee.  

Article on Rally

I love street art. Also, sorry for the not so humble brag but props to me, this  is  a really good photo.

I love street art. Also, sorry for the not so humble brag but props to me, this is a really good photo.

I love hearts and more often than not will stop and photograph what I call, “random hearts.” It’s probably then no surprise that I love Hektad’s street art. While walking on the Lower East Side, I passed by one of his pieces, and took a few shots. A couple of days later, I posted one to Instagram and within hours had gotten a request from a writer at Eventbrite’s Blog, Rally, to include it in a piece they were doing about street art in NYC. I was incredibly flattered to be included in the article which you can find here.


As I wrote in this post, a few weeks ago I began a certificate program at Pratt’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. I’ve already given you the full rundown so I’ll just say that I could not be happier about my decision to enroll.


I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! As 6pm (the designated start-time of Trick-or-Treating in my building), I began to get a little nervous. What if no one showed up? What if too many people showed up and I ran out of candy? Was I going to be popping up every two seconds to answer the door? It ended up being so much fun! Essentially, you are spending the night making people happy; what could be better? The only downside is that I didn’t get too many kids and I now have more candy than I know what to do with. If anyone out there is a fan of Take 5s (or wants candy), I’d be glad to hook you up. On that note, is it just me or does anyone else think that Jimmy Kimmel's parents telling their kids they ate all of their candy is mean? 


What were your October favorites?