My Winter Staples

I don't know about you but post-holidays, even during the holidays, I find it so hard to get dressed in anything other than super cozy and warm layers. The problem? Social events, work, and you know, wanting to look like a presentable human. To stay both warm and stylish, I rely on the following key pieces.

Now this is winter style! 

Now this is winter style! 


Woolrich Parka

I can't discuss staying warm without mentioning my Woolrich Parka. When the polar vortex first became part of our lexicon (at least to my knowledge) a few years ago, I decided it was time to buy a proper goose down coat. Now, this is a pricey investment, but it is worth every penny. It is warm beyond belief, comfortable, and people tend to quite like it and compliment me on it which is a fun bonus. I'm not a huge fan of the fur around the hood but I couldn't find any down coats without it and I had to swallow my anti-fur feelings and go for it. 


Ugg Earmuffs

I have never been a hat girl. Growing up I always rocked the headband ear warmer things and these days, I am all about the earmuffs. A few years ago, I got fed up with how annoying it was to try and talk on the phone while wearing earmuffs and proclaimed that I was going to invent earmuffs with a built in speaker/connection to your phone. Turns out, such a thing already existed so while I may not have struck it rich, I did get my dream product. At the time, Ugg was one of the only brands making non-hideous versions and I have stuck with them ever since. If I had a nickel for every time I've been complimented on them, I would be as rich as if I had in fact invented them (ok, maybe not) and I'm not gonna lie, I miss the ease of handsfree phone convos in the summer.  


Frye Boots

As I talked about in my last post, I recently started a new job. Among my pre-first day freak outs, was what shoes I was going to wear since it is winter. Enter a Sunday night, eleventh hour quest for nice boots that could also stand up to Mother Nature, basically, I wanted to avoid the commuting shoes/work shoes life. Just as I was giving up hope, I stumbled across Frye and shortly thereafter became the owner of the Melissa and Engineer boots. The Melissa is taking a bit of breaking in (and bottom scuffing, man oh man were they slick at first) but they have been proving sturdy enough to keep me safe and sound on my commute and client visits. The Engineer is a little more edge than I typically go for but they work with dresses or tucked in pants and I always feel safe and stylish when they're on.


Plush Apparel

Plush apparel is my OG of winter clothing. My mom first discovered their fleece-lined tights years ago and I have been a devotee ever since. From fleece-lined faux leather moto leggings to the aforementioned tights, I never have to compromise style for warmth. Unlike the lined pants of my youth, their products aren't bulky and no one would ever know that the leather leggings you're rocking actually feel like pjs. The only downside to the leggings, is that because of the fake leather they're dry-clean only but honestly, they are so clutch that I don't care and will do anything to keep them in tip-top share.



Kind of a duh but honestly scarves are the bomb dot com. If my neck is cold, my whole body is cold, but if it's warm, then I can deal with most anything the weather gods throw at me. From bigger wrap/pashminas to circle/infinity scarves, scarves complete my winter look. I tend to go for scarves that are more decorative but still soft and cozy so that they can be worn inside as part of my outfit if I need a little extra something. Throwing on a scarf is, for me, so much better than putting on a vest or the oversized, nondescript, can go with whatever outfit (mostly) that so many of us often keep at our desks.

Do as I say, not as I do. It was the blizzard of 2016. It was a Saturday. I wasn't dressing to impress :)

Do as I say, not as I do. It was the blizzard of 2016. It was a Saturday. I wasn't dressing to impress :)


What are your winter wardrobe staples? Is it summer yet?