The Busy Blues

Never stop, never stopping. (BTW did anyone see that movie? Does anyone know what movie I'm referring to?)

Never stop, never stopping. (BTW did anyone see that movie? Does anyone know what movie I'm referring to?)

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Are you sitting at your desk wondering how it’s only Tuesday and you already feel beat? These days I feel like I can’t have a single conversation without “I’m so busy” being mentioned. I think part of the problem is that we are connected 24/7, our ever new means of communication begging us to check them, and don’t give ourselves time to disconnect. If you’re feeling totally @#$%!, here are my go-tos when I feel like I'm going 1000mph.

That rush life. via  Unsplash

That rush life. via Unsplash

  • Respect meal time: When I break from work for lunch or dinner, unless I’m expecting something urgent, I leave my work at my desk. By giving meal time the attention it deserves, I can really tune into myself, enjoy my food  and I go back to work feeling refreshed and not uncomfortable from having stuffed food down my throat in approx. 90 seconds while also answering emails and calls.
  • Phones away: Ever seen people sitting together, each totally ensconced in his/her phone? Have you ever been one of these people? Me too. If I’m with someone, be it for work, a social situation, etc., I like to abide by the Crossword Puzzle Rule, a brilliant rule I learned about in the NYTimes "Social Q’s" a few years ago. What it comes down to is this: If it would be rude to pull out a crossword puzzle and start working on it, you shouldn’t take out your phone. Keeping the phones away, let’s me actually be with the person I'm with and makes the time enjoyable and meaningful.
  • Mid-day meditation: I’ve fallen off the meditation train a bit but when I’m on board, my favorite time to meditate is just before I go back to work after lunch. It lets me check in, and transition back to work feeling recharged and ready to tackle whatever the second half of the day has in store.
  • Morning Workout: AM workouts are part of my routine, busy or not, but during those weeks when things feel that much tighter, I find them all the more important. After getting my sweat on, I can go into the day with a shot of endorphins, feeling empowered and knowing that I have already accomplished something. It’s like a freebie win.
  • Ready-to-go meals: I come from Sandra Lee’s “Semi-Homemade” school of cooking. [I've only seen a few episodes of her show, but from those I’ve watched, that’s my people.] I try to make sure that I always have a variety of things on hand that I can quickly and easily whip into a delicious meal. The freezer is my best friend here; turkey burgers, bread, and veggies which can be quickly defrosted are key. Eggs, quinoa, canned tuna, and Trader Joe’s pre-marinated, ready-to-eat tofu fillets are also favorites. Being able to hop into the kitchen and make something yummy in 30 minutes or less rather than last minute dinner shopping when the stores are crowded and out of many things and I’m starving, is a huge relief.
  • Organization: Staying organized is paramount. When it comes to how you organize yourself, whatever works for you is the best method. I was raised on planners, so that’s what comes naturally to me, but if you’re all about having everything on digital, post-its, Morse Code, alarms on your phone that mean different things, do you.
  • Set the date: Things don’t just happen, you have to make them happen; this is true of getting together with people, social, networking, or otherwise. Maybe this week is no good for me/the other person, if that's the case I look for a time the following week or the week after, even a month from now if need be. If we block off the time now, it’s almost certainly going to happen. Plus, if it’s me who’s schedule is currently jam-packed, the future date gives me something to look forward to and pull me through the busy blues. 

Now go slay the rest of this week. As Mary Poppins says, "Well begun is half done."

How do you deal with the busies?