November Favorites

When this post goes up it will be December 1st! On the one-hand, hooray for this crazy year coming to an end and it's ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!!! But on the other hand, how is it already December? I feel like summer only just ended  or maybe that's because it's currently 50s, raining, and muggy in NYC. November was filled with a lot of highs and lows, particularly at its start. All that aside, here are five things I loved during November.


Biden Memes

At some point before Joe Biden was the pop culture phenom he is today, we're talking early 2000s, my dad told me Joe's story and my heart broke. To continue to get up each morning, let alone serve others each day, after experiencing tragedy like he had really struck a chord with me. I have, therefore, reveled in everyone's embrace of him over the past few years, particularly these last several months and I am absolutely living for the Biden memes that hit their apex following the election. I'm not sure I can pick a favorite but the above comes pretty close. More gems here.


Hamilton Mixtape

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I think 2016 proved that anything is possible; the Cubs winning the World Series, Pokemon becoming the hottest game again (albeit a different iteration), and well you know. So just when you thought all the songs to Hamilton were perfect and there was nothing more Lin Manuel could do to improve the show/soundtrack, he dropped the mixtape on us. If you haven't been listening to the seven tracks already released, what have you been doing? (If you've been listening to The Weeknd's new album then I sort of get it, but still.) Check it out now (also on iTunes).


Finishing Class

I can now add, "Certificate in Online & Social Media Marketing" to my resume! As I've written about before, I am SO glad I decided to enroll in this program. From what I learned, to the simple fact of having a credential that speaks directly to the work I'm doing, it was such a worthwhile investment of my time (and money). That said, I am also very glad to have my Saturdays back. #KeepingItReal 


Miss Sloane

One of my uncles is a film-maker and at Thanksgiving dinner I had a chance to discuss some recent movies. He told me "Miss Sloane" was excellent. I had been on the fence about it but found myself craving a movie the other day and low and behold it was playing near me at a convenient time so off I went. I highly recommend "Miss Sloane." Jessica Chastain has already shown us that she is mega-talented, and once again, she shines. The movie manages to be both a political expose and a thriller, with a hint of "Ocean's Eleven"/"The Italian Job" twist at the end. You will be riveted, and probably more depressed about the state of our government, but still, GO!


Voting for a Woman

I didn't realize how much voting for a woman was going to mean to me. When I got my ballot, I left filling in the bubble for my choices for President/VP for last and before I started bubbling, I just paused and stared in near-disbelief at the ballot. This was really happening. I left my polling location feeling empowered and slightly teary-eyed. Despite President Obama being a black male, "president" is more or less synonymous (in the US), with a white male. To be part of a generation that has had the ability to vote for candidates that do not fit that criteria is incredible. In fact, I realized that I have never voted for a white male for president. While my candidate may not have won, the fact remains that women still have made huge gains in terms of equality and although there is still a long way to go, I just keep thinking: "What a time to be alive." I mostly mean this in the non-ironic way the phrase is used on social media, but then you look at the news and well...

I tried to get creative. Instead it got blurry. It's still pretty right?

I tried to get creative. Instead it got blurry. It's still pretty right?

What were your November favorites?