Independent Women: Buying Myself A Gift

Self Love

Leading up to my birthday, I found myself searching for a piece of jewelry with my star sign, Sagittarius. I found a few things, but nothing that I truly loved or that would last (Read: Lots of inexpensive gold-plated jewelry that ran the gamut from looking like they’d break to being incredibly tacky). Then I stumbled upon Lulu Frost’s Sagittarius + Fire Necklace and it was love at first click.

This picture doesn’t do her justice :) Image from

This picture doesn’t do her justice :) Image from

I’ve never bought myself an expensive piece of jewelry, or an expensive anything for that matter. It was a debate, I truly do not spend money willy nilly and think long and hard about my purchases. I considered asking my parents to split the necklace with me, but then I thought about the success I’ve been lucky to have this past year at work and the fact that I don’t need someone else to get something for me, I have the ability to get a gift for myself. Suddenly I realized a large part of my hesitation had nothing to do with the cost. Part of me assumed that big gifts were on hiatus until I was in a serious relationship/married. Buying something for myself felt somehow like cheating the system. How ridiculous is that? Even now, writing it out, I feel sad and embarrassed for the part of me that believed it.

Submitting my order was incredibly empowering and each time I wear my necklace, I feel proud. I earned it, I deserve it, and it was ME, no one else, who made that decision. As Destiny’s Child once sang, “The rock I'm rockin', I've bought it / 'Cause I depend on me if I want it!”

Fellow independent women/men, what do you think? Have you ever bought yourself a big gift?