Father's Day Gift Guide

Did Father's Day sneak up on you? Still don't know what to get Dad? Since we can't all drop a cool $13.7B for Whole Foods (looking at you Jeff Bezos), I've got you covered with a last minute Father's Day Gift Guide.

You might think you have the best dad in the world, but actually I do.

You might think you have the best dad in the world, but actually I do.


Dad's don't seem to treat themselves much, or at least not my dad. Tickets to a sports event, concert, play, or even a night out at the movies, is a fun way to give dad an experience he might not otherwise give himself. If you live close enough, say that you'd like to be his +1 (or if you can swing more than 2 tickets, that you'd like to be third wheel, fourth wheel, whatever). Keep in mind that the tickets don't have to be the most expensive or even for the hottest gig in town- maybe it's a local team, an obscure band that he likes, the point isn't to spend as much as possible, just to give Dad something he'll enjoy and tack on some bonding time to boot.



You can never really go wrong here. If you're totally stuck on what to get for Father's Day, go for a tie. Your dad will always need one. Think about your dad's style (i.e. not yours). Where would he wear his tie? What colors does he like? What colors does he often wear? My dad is more conservative, but I always try to jazz him up and have found some happy compromises at Vineyard Vines


X of the Month Club

Does your dad love stinky cheese? How about craft beer? Whatever your father fancies, there is likely to be a monthly club for it. If you're not familiar, X of  the Month Clubs are subscriptions for X (cheese, beer, etc.) where each month, or whatever time period you've chosen, your dad will be sent a different X to enjoy. These make great gifts as they're a fun way to try out things your dad wouldn't otherwise find and lasts beyond Father's Day, with each upcoming delivery being a new treat to look forward to. 


A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

With Father's Day, it's easy to go the golf and grill route, unless of course you're in my family because my dad is so not a golf guy and though he likes to grill it's not in the way that we see in the media. What people seem to forget is that Dads are just as sentimental as Moms. For a Father's Day gift that will be a little closer to Dad's heart, look for an old photo (or two) of you and your dad and frame it, put his prized baseball card collection into a proper album, give him a coupon book for chores and family time. 

Whatever you gift dad, or your father figure, and however you celebrate, have a Happy Father's Day!

Dad, cover your eyes, this is your card.

Dad, cover your eyes, this is your card.

What did you get your Dad for Father's Day? Does your dad also hate golf?