Virtual coffee date

Happy second day of spring! I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday so that's how long my Monday was. #wompwomp Virtual coffee dates are some of my favorite posts to read and it's been a while since we just had some real talk/check in so I thought today that's what we would do. Grab a cup of coffee (or if you're me, tea), some snacks, and let's do this.

At a fav spot with one of my favs.

At a fav spot with one of my favs.

If we were sitting in one of my favorite NYC coffee shops, I'd tell you that I think I might be the only person who doesn't want to see the new Beauty and the Beast. I grew up a total Disney Princess but I just can't get into the remakes. Why fix something that isn't broke?

If we were having tea, I'd tell you that I am loving that pink, specifically blush, is the it color. As a pink girl, to see my favorite color everywhere and have just about every product you could ever want available in pink, is giving me life. Since I was needing a new suitcase, I treated myself to Away's Large in Pop & Suki pink. I am in love! I've also treated myself to some clothing and there may be some shoes to come. Someone take away my credit card, but don't. I'm always very careful with my spending and am slowly realizing that it's ok to get some new things from time to time.

How I imagine all future travel will look. IG:  @away

How I imagine all future travel will look. IG: @away

If we were having tea, I'd tell you that my PT Brian says I'll be healed in 2 weeks! *All the crossed fingers.* This has been my first experience with PT and while there are days when it's the last thing I want to do, I have been so happy with my treatment. I feel like I got really lucky with Brian, he's knowledgeable, personable, and is happy to answer any questions I have. Having doctors/PTs that you trust, is so important and with him, I am confident that I am getting great treatment and making a lot of progress.

If we were having tea, I'd tell you that *spoiler: major #realtalk,* since realizing that I'm actually an extrovert, I've taken two versions of the Meyers-Briggs test and am an ENFJ. I wasn't surprised either. Like with my astrology reading, I'm using this deeper understanding of myself and what makes me tick/get stuck to try and play to my strengths in work and my personal life and not use it as a crutch or an "well I have to do X because I'm a Y." Relatedly-ish, I've been re-examining a lot of the relationships in my life. It's so trite to say that with age comes wisdom but sometimes things are a cliche for a reason. Seeing which people are toxic and bring me down, and who lift me up, is a process (and not an easy one). Still, as hard as it is, there I only have so much time and energy and I want to spend it in meaningful ways with people I love and who love me back (how original I know). 

If we were having tea, what would you tell me? Leave a comment and fill me in on your life!