By the time you are __

In the past few weeks, I have encountered so many articles telling me that by age 30 (in some cases 28, umm random) I should own X but not Y, know how to make Z, and a whole host of other things. While these are fun pieces to read, I completely disagree with all of them. Sure, there are some points that are valid, but if I still don't know what to do if I blow a fuse, that doesn't make me any less of an adult. 

Truth. (plus family and your health)

Truth. (plus family and your health)

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and life paths are less linear than ever. If I were at my stage of life twenty years ago, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have changed careers, twice, and would likely be married with a child by now. 

This last year was one in which I learned so much about myself and have really started to accept and treat myself with a renewed sense of kindness and caring. I have confronted internal and external challenges, health issues, had to reassess who and what deserved a place in my life, and so much more. To me, these are far more meaningful than whether or not my shoe collection includes a pair of nude heels. (It doesn't; guess I failed. 😜).

YES! (Took this forever ago at  29Rooms .)

YES! (Took this forever ago at 29Rooms.)

Below are my own lists. The first are the things that I, at age 31, do have and the second is a list of things I hope I'll have by 32. I'm proud of both lists and whether or not I achieve #2 before December 3, I'm still successful. 

By Age 31 I Have

  1. The best family in the world 
  2. Friends I can call anytime of day
  3. Confidence in myself and my abilities (at least most days)
  4. A healthy dose of fearlessness
  5. A deep sense of caring for my fellow humans
  6. A good sense of humor and a thriving inner child
  7. Drive and will power
  8. Personal style and know how to dress for any occasion and for my body  
  9. Calm under pressure and can act quickly and smartly in an emergency 
  10. The practical things: Laundry, clean my home, shop for food/necessities, follow a recipe and ability to cook/feed myself, pack for trips, travel, pay bills, etc.
  11. The ability to cheer myself up and know what makes me feel happy, smart, and beautiful

By Age 32 I Hope To

  1. Be more patient
  2. Master managing my finances (*I'm not in debt or anything like that, it's just a new responsibility and it intimidates me)
  3. Be more spontaneous
  4. Keep a plant alive
  5. Be better at regularly deep cleaning my apartment
  6. Learn to iron... maybe

Have you seen articles like this? What's on your lists?