April Favorites

I almost skipped April favorites, there just wasn't a ton that really warranted reporting. But then, I decided I'd do a shorter one so without further ado, an abbreviated favorites.


In and Of Itself

In and Of Itself is a one-man show about identity and incorporates "illusions" or what I'd call magic. The show stars Derek DelGaudio, is directed by Frank Oz (yes, the Oz who voiced many muppets), and produced by Neil Patrick Harris. A friend raved about it a few months ago and his enthusiasm piqued my interest. I don't want to ruin anything but I'll say that it was a really well done production, makes you think, and I have the brick from my show. In and Of Itself has been extended again through August 19th so you've still got time!


Bushwick Collective

It is FINALLY spring here in NYC. A couple weeks ago, we had our first really nice Saturday and I decided to take myself on an adventure. I hadn't had a day to myself in a while and have long wanted to go to the Bushwick Collective so off I went! If you watched my Instagram story that day, you'll know that I got epically lost, seriously at every opportunity I made a wrong turn, I saw parts of Bushwick I should not have seen and according to my Health app, walked 6 mi. that day. The "omg I will die here in Bushwick and never make it home again" parts aside, I loved it! If you are a street art fan like me, you must make the trip!


Lower East Side/Art Day

Last but not least, I had one of those perfect NYC days with one of my closest friends, or life partner as we jokingly call each other. We started at Egg House which honestly I don't recommend and then he indulged me in rambling about the Lower East Side as I took photos of various murals. Next we dipped into Soho for some shopping and then hopped in a cab to have dinner in a neighborhood restaurant. It was the kind of day that makes you fall in love with NYC all over again and makes you so thankful for the friends who are like family.


Looking forward to what May brings, which so far has been a sinus infection and a massive allergic reaction to something leaving my body covered in a rash. Oy.

What were your April favorites?