Catching Up + Some Recent Favorites

Hello! Remember me? It has been a while and though I’ve written a zillion posts in my head, its been hard for me to sit down and write. Does anyone else ever have so many ideas that you don’t know where to begin and so then you don’t? I’m working on this. To catch you up, I thought I’d make this post a hybrid of a coffee date and some favorites from the past few months, a sort of what I’ve been doing/what I’ve been into post. Let’s go!

I defy you to look at this and now smile. To see it in person, head to  Flour Shop .

I defy you to look at this and now smile. To see it in person, head to Flour Shop.

Since we last spoke I was promoted… but I also left my job and three weeks ago started as Corporate Development Manager (i.e. leading corporate engagement) for an arts nonprofit. It was something I needed to do for me and I’m very happy with my decision. We’ll talk more about this in a later post, promise.

Three weeks ago was also when I returned to spinning! As you may remember, I had a really bad ankle sprain at the start of this year. Turns out I also tore ligaments in my toe. The healing was slow and painful on every level. Now that I’m coming out the other side, I can find some small silver linings. First the silly ones…

  • Bombas aka life-changing socks. I truly never thought the hype about a pair of socks could be worth it but these babies are lovely. It may have been more psychological than anything, but the way they are cushioned felt oh so nice under my poor, sad foot (and they still feel really nice). If you’re looking to treat your tootsies, get you a pair (or five)!

  • Max Delivery One of the challenges with being injured in a city without a car when you live alone is figuring out how to go about your errands. There were many days of carefully routing out errands, thinking about how far each would require me to go, how heavy a load I’d be carrying (as any extra weight was no bueno) and then determining if it was really doable or if something had to get cut from the list/where I could take a cab or order. Enter, Max Delivery. Groceries in one hour or less. They stock most of the brands (including organic!) that I buy and their customer service is A+. *Knock on wood* I’ve had only positive experiences thus far and have continued to use them for times when I’m in a pinch or just lazy.

On a more serious note, I have gotten so much better at being kind to myself. It is humbling to struggle to get out of bed, to stand long enough to make something to eat, to hope that you can make it down the street without getting re-injured as you can’t physically pivot or make any sudden movements, not to mention getting on an elliptical and getting exhausted after 20 minutes at a very low resistance when there was once a time when you could take a double spin class. Recovery is a process and it is not linear. It is also very much mental. While I have turned the corner, I still can’t wear heels yet and have to modify certain exercises, oh and that double spin class is still a long ways off.

Switching to more fun things, when you can’t do a lot physically, you have plenty of time to watch Netflix. On the comedy front, I highly recommend Iliza Shlesinger’s specials, particularly Elder Millennial and Confirmed Kills. If you’re looking for a show, may I direct you to Turn Up Charlie, starring Idris Elba and Piper Perabo. I’m too afraid of spoiling anything so all I will say is: Watch!

Lastly, even when everything seems topsy turvy, you need to have a fun splurge and do something that will make you feel good. Back in February I did just this and treated myself to Waitress. The show is so fun, the lyrics are clever, the performances were great, and I got to see the incredible Ben Thompson doing his thing on stage. I met Ben at Flywheel where he is an instructor and though I almost never took his class, his warmth, talent, and wonderful outlook on life, have so touched me. Although I don’t know him well, he is someone I adore and seeing him shine brought so many smiles to my face. He even generously let me come back stage and say hello afterwards. I credit this evening for being when my spirit finally lifted out of it’s injury depression.