Summer Bucket List: 2018 Edition

Last summer I made a good dent in my summer bucket list. This year, I hope to do the same, if not better. Truth be told, I made this list and then started doing some of it before I got to this post so I have a little bit of a head start (maybe?). Either way, here it is, the things I want to do between now and Labor Day (or Sept. 21 if I get desperate).

Baseball Game

I'm not the biggest baseball fan, but I love going to at least one game per season. There's something so pure and simple about being at a ballgame. From the old school graphics that come on the screen, to the unbridled emotions the over come the superfans, and of course, the french fries. This year I was very lucky and got to go to one of the most fun games there is for a New Yorker, a subway series game. For those that don't know, this is a game between the Mets and the Yankees. Our game was at Citi Field and the Yankees won (though in this case the home team, even if it wasn't our team, would have won no matter what). There were also some very good fries :)


Read Four Books

The summer going into 4th grade (and maybe other summers too?), we had to read four books of our choosing. I banged out twelve and was pleased as punch until my childhood crush and forever school competition announced he had read sixteen or maybe it was twenty. Either way, it was more than me and I was crushed. I know I can definitely get through more than four but it seemed like a good goal so here we are. First up, Ulysses.  


Governor's Island

Every summer I put Governor's Island on this list and every summer I fail to get myself there. I am determined that this pattern stops now. As someone who gets very seasick, the fact that you have to take a ferry there, gives me pause, but I know that it will be worth it. If anyone wants to go, let me know and let's put it on the calendar!



I am itching to see a new part of the world and have some time away. Later this summer, my family will be going to Ireland (and then spending a few days in London) and I am so excited! I have spent a great deal of time in London and lived there for a bit after college, but I have never been to Ireland and can't wait to see the Emerald Isle. I don't know what's on deck yet, but I hopefully it includes seeing leprechauns and finding a four-leaf clover, jk, more like seeing the Cliffs of Moher and trying my hand at falconry. Stay tuned!


A Beach Day

Technically last summer I did go to the beaches of Normandy, but that wasn't your typical beach day. This summer, I want a true, lie in the sand, dip my toes in the ocean, find a seashell or two day at the beach. I'm not sure which beach to do, maybe Long Beach or the Rockaways? Let me know if you have suggestions and of course, if you want to be my beach buddy, let me know! 


Try a New Fitness Class

Since my hip/back issues began, I stopped trying new fitness methods and even new studios and I hate it. Yes, I have a routine I like, but I really want to shake things up a bit and at least have one day of something different. I did recently try Peloton (still spin but baby steps), but I want a whole new experience. I'm thinking SLT or perhaps a class and the brand-new brrrn? I still haven't been to Barry's and yes, I'm still scared to go; with my hip, the running really makes me nervous. How's this for crazy, let's see if I can get myself to all three this summer, though I'll also be proud if I make it to just one. 

What's on your summer bucket list?