What I Like About Y̶o̶u̶ Me

I want to expand a bit more on yesterday’s Instagram Post. For those who don’t follow me (Hi, follow me @whatleahloves 😊), during a spin class last weekend our instructor said she was going to have us share one thing we liked about ourselves with the class. Ummm what?! I’m here to sweat not bare my soul, and yet, in some ways that’s exactly what our super sweaty workouts are about - getting stronger, putting everything we have on the line, so that we can be more powerful in our lives outside the studio. Either way, I was SCARED. I had no idea what to say.

Sometimes the scariest thing to look at is ourselves.

Sometimes the scariest thing to look at is ourselves.

My mind started filling with all of my flaws. Then, as I tried to think of a positive, I started finding things that were wrong with each item: too personal, could seem braggy, don’t pick a physical trait, someone here might disagree, etc. In the end, I went with the amorphous, “my determination.” It’s true, I have determination, but honestly I picked it because I knew it wouldn’t be questioned and I had a ton of resistance on my bike and was proving it true so boom, done.

Walking home from class, I started thinking about how sad I was at my reaction. I tried to think back to how I had answered the question in the past but what I realized was that I’ve never been asked what I like about myself.

Don’t forget that you are loved and don’t forget to love yourself.

Don’t forget that you are loved and don’t forget to love yourself.

We list off what we like about others all the time. “I just met Alex, she’s awesome, so funny, an amazing sense of style and speaks so eloquently.” When it comes to ourselves, we’re conditioned to see our flaws and find ways to fix them; it makes me sad.

I’ve started making a list of things I like about myself and I’ve decided to share it here because f*ck being afraid to say what I like about myself for fear of judgment by others. We don’t hide what foods, colors, activities, etc. we like because we’re afraid of what others will think, so why hide what we love about ourselves? This isn’t to say that I don’t have flaws and won’t continue to improve myself, I will. But I also need to recognize where I shine and celebrate myself. So here we go… Add your favorite things about yourself in the comments!

What I Like About Myself

  • My hands

  • My sensitivity

  • My sense of humor

  • My ability to think on my feet

  • My ears

  • My ability to see multiple sides of a situation

  • My strong core

  • My lips

  • My love of brownies (honestly my dedication is charming)

  • My ability to connect with people

  • My amateur photography skills

  • My inner child