Yes Barry, I WILL "be seeing you": My Barry's Bootcamp Fear

Fear is a funny thing. It exists entirely in our minds, manifesting differently depending on the trigger and from person to person. What's more, triggers vary as we age, depending on where we are physically, and of course between people. A strange noise might be terrifying if you're in an alley late at night, but you might only give it half a second of thought if heard at 2pm while sitting at your desk. 

When it comes to fitness, there is one workout that I have come to fear: Barry's Bootcamp aka "The Best Workout in the World." Avoiding Barry's began innocuously. As I wrote in this post, I stopped running years ago. For those who aren't familiar with a Barry's workout it is made up of tread work (treadmill) and floor work (weights, crunches, etc. done on the floor). There are those who #doublefloor, but I know myself and I tend to get frustrated when I can't do something. Knowing I would only be able to do half of the workout filled me with a sense of defeat. Over the years, my "I don't want to do double floor," turned into "I'm scared of Barry's." I have come close to booking a spot, but before I hit reserve, I close the browser tab. After running in Croatia and seeing that my body is not only ready but completely able to handle it again, I can't let myself hit the X anymore. I am going to take a class.

You can't scare me. Ok maybe that weight can. IG: @barrysbootcamp

My Barry's fear boils down to something that is almost universal across species: Fear of the unknown. When I think about it, it's actually pretty silly. What's the worst that can happen? The "fail" scenarios consist of needing to use a lighter weight, turning down the speed and/or incline on my treadmill, taking 30 sec. to pause and reset, and being sore later. Note to self: NONE of these are bad things, let alone things you haven't done before. I quite literally ran off the side of a mountain in Wyoming with a parachute (and a guide). So yeah, I'm booking a spot. Stay tuned for the full report but probably no sweaty selfies. 

I can get down with this ^^^ IG: @barrysbootcamp

Do you have a fitness class you've been avoiding? Do you do Barry's?