Digital Digital Get Down

Bonus points if you can name who sang that song, i.e. "Digital Digital Get Down." To all my 90s boy band lovers out there, you can do this! But I digress...

Yesterday I got the dreaded "You have used X% of your data for this billing cycle" text. Why I only get these some months I'm not quite sure but nevertheless, they always make me a little nervous. Did I use too much? How bad (i.e. $$$) would it be if I go over? Am I addicted to my phone? Then the rational side of my brain kicks in, or my dad tells me that it's NBD and the new billing cycle starts tomorrow so shush. #FatherKnowsBest

Mini "OMG I'm a phone-addict who will lose all her money to Verizon" freak outs aside, yesterday's text made me stop and think about my phone usage. 

Everyone does this right?! [ PC: William Iven ]

Everyone does this right?! [PC: William Iven]

Time to investigate

What am I doing when I use my phone? Answer: 99% of the time I'm on Instagram, Facebook, email, taking photos, texting, and checking Twitter. Funny how none of that is what a phone was actually created for, oh to live in the 21st century. Some of this activity is necessary for work, some is to communicate with friends, and some is for fun. But it's this last category that I've stretched too far. When I am watching OITNB, do I need to also check Instagram? No. When I'm walking to the supermarket do I need to be on my email? At times yes, but mostly no.

On the one hand, my desire to find for fun, happy details in the environments around me; my love of flowers; and my work in social media make me a close observer of my surroundings. However, so many of my most memorable moments are those when I am 100% there taking it all in with only my five sense, rather than through a lens (contact lenses not included #duh). As frustrating as it was to have only sporadic access to technology while I was in Croatia and Italy, the lack of 24/7 connectedness was a huge part of what made the trip so wonderful and allowed me to come back truly refreshed. 

Digital Detox

I don't know how this will go, but I've decided that I'm putting myself on a digital detox or more of a digital diet. (Hate the word diet, but here it seems ok-ish).

  1. No emails, texts, calls (unless necessary) during meal times. This is pretty much a non-negotiable for me if I'm dining with others, but when it's just me at home, I will work while I eat. I need to give myself the same respect as I give to my dining companions and allow myself to truly enjoy my meals. In other words, BE PRESENT.  
  2. One hour of no mindless phone usage per evening. If it's important or something incoming that needs to be dealt with, I can do it but there will be NO scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, reading blog posts, etc. just because my phone is within reach and it's been 5 minutes since I last checked the feeds. 

Not the longest list, but I think it's a good start. 

Have you put yourself on a digital diet/detox? Who sang that song?