Fit for What?

Fitness. It's a word we encounter everyday, usually many times over. It recently struck me to look at the word itself. What are we getting "fit" for? In non-exercise world, fit connotes being appropriate for something, a match, having the right qualities and/or qualifications. Fit for a King. We fit together. The perfect fit. So what does that mean when applied to the realm of health and wellness?

Samesies except brownie. [ Source ]

Samesies except brownie. [Source]

Simply, I think it means that we all need to take a step back and think about what it is we want to achieve and what makes us happy when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Which exercise method fits you? What will get you to your goals? What do you enjoy doing? Where do you find your strength? The beautiful thing is that the answer will always be different, be that as your own needs change or just amongst people. We're all at a different place in our journey and what we need one day may or may not be what we need the day after that. 

Somedays I feel like you open Instagram, Facebook, etc. and are met with various yoga poses, quotes about squats and/or burpees, smoothies, and acai bowls with the implication that this is what fitness looks like and yes, there is more, but that this is what it really is and if you don't do these things then you're not really part of the fitness community. This isn't meant to be a criticism of posts or accounts like these, I enjoy seeing and follow many of them, instead, it's just a reminder that there are so many ways to be "fit" and none of them is wrong (or right). I don't do as much yoga as I should, do squats 1x/week, haven't done a burpee since the beginning of June, and have never gotten into the smoothie and bowl scene, although that's in large part because they are usually full of my nemesis the chia seed (what up allergies), but I still consider myself very much a part of the larger fitness community. In the end it's about what fits YOU and that will always be different than what fits someone else, unless you clone yourself. I think, I'm not really sure how clones work. 

How do you define fitness? What is currently fit-ing you?