Last night I went on a date that well, I'll leave it at this, I don't plan to see him again. Aside from feeling like I was in an episode of Sex & the City (or the beginning of a horror movie), he picked a great spot. Luckily there's pretty much zero chance that he'll be there again, so I can safely return! #silverlinings 

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Entwine bills itself as "crafted cocktails x artisanal food." What does that mean? Well, I'd say it's part wine bar, part cocktail lounge, part restaurant-lite. Their food menu is not just bar snacks, light bites, small plates, etc. as so many wine and cocktail-centric places are, and they serve brunch, lunch, and dinner, but you get the sense that the drink menu is really the star of the show. We only had drinks, but the food I saw going to other tables looked and smelled really good and  many of the other patrons seemed to be repeat customers.  

The space itself was total West Village charm. The bar when you first walk in is a bit cramped but in a cozy way and it wouldn't be awful to sit there. You then travel down a fairly dark hallway to a small back room with only a few, well-spaced tables, allowing for an intimate setting in the best sense of the word. Through a glass door you find the patio which is where we sat. High walls block and the foliage from the trees that grow out of the courtyard block out mostly all sight of the adjacent buildings. There are more tables outside than in the back room, or at least that's how it seemed, and they are a bit closer together, though still spaced enough so that you don't feel like you are spending the evening with those at the neighboring tables. There is also a second bar and seating area downstairs. I can't really speak to that since I never saw it but reviews seem positive. 

Who wouldn't want to go back here?! [ Source ]

Who wouldn't want to go back here?! [Source]

Honestly, my only complaint was the company (and sadly I've had worse). Service was excellent, though a little pushy towards the end as it neared the patio's closing time (the patio closes earlier than the rest of Entwine, I'm not really sure why), and they had a simple but extensive drink list. I stuck with rosé because I love wine and even though it's already July, I still had yet to have my first glass of pink deliciousness. (Coincidence that pink is my favorite color and I love a good rosé? Hmm...) If you're looking for a new spot to add to your rotation, I would definitely suggest checking out Entwine. Here's hoping your partner in crime is better than mine was!

Any great spots you've recently been to? Accepting bad date stories as well :)