Turns Out I Don't Hate Running

When on vacation, routines change and that includes workouts. A few weeks ago, I started getting the itch to try running again. I think it was caused by watching people do spring runs and TRIs and listening to people discuss their upcoming training plans for the NYC Marathon. Whatever the impetus, something clicked and I started thinking about how much I used to enjoy my runs, even though my time running was cut short by a fractured femur and my flat-footedness. 

After speaking with a friend who is a Triathlete, and one of the most athletic people I know, I learned that he too is flat-footed. If he can run the number of marathons, races, and just miles for exercise and fun as he does, then what was stopping me? Well, mostly fear. The last time I ran was seven years ago on a trip to Morocco. Unbeknownst to me, the bad step I had taken was actually a sprained ankle and after a few hundred feet, I was in tears. I still don't know how I was able to walk back to the hotel on my own power. 

Truth [ Source ]

Truth [Source]

As luck would have it, our hotel in Zadar only had a bike and a treadmill in it's "gym" (a hallway with the machines lined up in the basement). I figured there was no time like the present and if I had to, I could stop. 5 miles later I was on a total high and felt like I could go forever. I ran another 5 the following day, and then we were onto our next stop on the trip. I still feel incredibly accomplished. I wouldn't win any races at my pace (6.5 mi/hr, so between a 9.5 and 9 min. mile) but for not having run in 7 years, I have to humble brag. 

Two days later, my quads are still feeling it and going downhill/down stairs is not so fun. That said, I can't wait for my next run. Will I ever run a race? Maybe one day. Growing up I wanted to run the marathon like my father had (multiple times). I'm not sure I have 26.2 miles in me, but now I know I could definitely do a 5k and 10k so maybe a half is possible and who knows, maybe one day a full!

I'm not sure about full on love, but it's definitely  like  like. [ Source ]

I'm not sure about full on love, but it's definitely like like. [Source]

Have you overcome any fitness fears? Any tips for running newbies?