There is still goodness & 2 Finds

This week has been rough. The news seems like it should be renamed "the bads." While we mourn, comfort, and take action to make things better, we also must keep living and finding the good that is out there. 

While the biggest "find" on my mind is a Father's Day present (I am still woefully empty-handed because my dad is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for), I have found two awesome things to share with all of you. *Fingers crossed* a gift for my dad follows soon!

On Sunday, the Museum at Eldridge Street is having their annual Egg Rolls, Egg Creams, and Empanadas Festival. Arts & crafts, food, music, general fun and a celebration of three cultures with roots in the neighborhood- so much yes to this! A multicultural celebration feels especially important given recent events. 

Challah making (IG: @jenbenz87); Empanda Demo (IG: @waynesimpkins); Mahjong (IG: @tominpok); & Decoration/Part of larger structure (not sure) (IG: @mexicalibert)

My other find is a much-needed accessory for my upcoming vacation: a passport holder. In the past I have poo-pooed these, thinking they were completely unnecessary. However, after much travel without one and then using an old leather planner cover as a makeshift case, hoping that each time I opened it neither my passport nor my global entry card had slid out, decided I needed a proper passport case. I set off down 5th Avenue determined. Surprisingly I did not have as easy a time finding a passport case as I would have thought. The first store I tried only had ones sans slots for cards and the second only had mens. I, like the woman helping me initially thought, "Isn't this a unisex item?" Turns out these were really pretty masculine. They were also quite dinged up. On a whim I decided to try Paper Source (Side note: one of my favorite stores- fabulous cards and paper goods plus lots of fun little gifty/trinket things and they offer in-store workshops) and success!  

Say hello to this guy:

[ Source ]

When I first saw it I thought, 'Guess third time isn't the charm,' thinking it looked too gimmicky. But, always open to giving second chances, I reconsidered. My departure date is fast-approaching, I am having a love affair with rose gold (although it's becoming pretty serious, we should probably discuss moving in together), and I decided that, like tote bags, a passport case is an accessory where you can get away with a bit of tackiness. It's cute, it makes me smile, and honestly, who doesn't need a reminder not to take yourself too seriously when you're in the midst of travel stress? Sold.

Did you find anything fun this week?