Olympic Fever

No, no, that's not the name of a disease acquired in Rio, although maybe if people start drinking the tap water... Kidding, but not really.

Sports are the Universal Language

I love the Olympics. Especially this year, it's nice to have something bigger that unites us all. The global language of sports, is one of the things I love most about sports and fitness. When I studied abroad in Stockholm and lived in London post-college, I could walk into the gym and suddenly we all spoke the same language. Everyone was there to work on themselves, be it physical or mental. I may not have been in my home gym, but in many ways I could have been.   

Sports unite us

The Olympics are also about moments that you will never forget. Those, "Did you see that?" and "Oh my God did that really just happen?!" times where you become aware of how much these athletes have trained and how incredible the human body and spirit truly are. For me, during the summer games these moments occur during gymnastics and swimming.  

The Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle

The men's 4 x 100m Freestyle (that's a relay where 4 swimmers each do 100m of freestyle) is my favorite swimming event. I may have watched it in 2004, 2000, and 1996 (and possibly 1992 and 1988 but I was a very little lady then so who knows), but it wasn't until 2008 that this race captured my heart. The US men hadn't won this event in 12 years and were ahead until the third leg when France took the lead. Everyone assumed France had all but won since their fourth swimmer was not just ahead of Team USA, but was also the world record holder. But then, our anchor (that means the final swimmer) Jason Lezak morphed into a superhuman and from somewhere deep inside, caught up and surpassed France (and minor detail, set a new world record)! It was one of the most incredible feats of athleticism I have ever seen. Since that night, whenever I find myself struggling in a workout or other physical task, I think about that race and what Lezak did. (Dear Jason Lezak, If you're reading this, you have been my extra push so many times. Thank you.)

Skip ahead to 4:06 (or watch it all). Seriously, wtf?! HOW did he do that?!

Last night Team USA brought home the gold in the 4 x 100m Freestyle again. Needless to say, I felt like all was right in the world and I took it as a good omen for the week ahead. 

What are your favorite events? Do you have a sports moment that stands out for you?